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He looks up at me and I see. Clean down the middle. The dream is symbolic of the battle he has had with Assef and how, like Baba, he has conquered the powerful beast. The sultans of Kabul. Rahim Khan opens up a little about Baba, too: It also portrays him as a leader among others because he founded Taliban.

Amir decides to leave the hospital. John lennon also wore sunglasses to maintain his image in the Beatles. And, just like that, I was crying. Explain the fact that Amir needed to be broken in order to be healed — and that ironically, Assef had a similar experience with he was in jail.

Amir gives Farid the names of the American couple that Rahim Khan told him ran the Peshawar orphanage, and he leaves to find them. Farid waits in the car, and two guards lead Amir to the room where he is to wait.

There are flashes of Assef hitting him and swallowing teeth and blood. He is no longing living in the shadow of Hassan or his father; rather, he is a man who is making his way in the world.

The Kite Runner

But the favor that Amir asks--for Farid to find the location of Thomas and Betty Caldwell, the people who are to take care of Sohrab--proves an impossible task.

Amir says this when he returns to his childhood home nearly 20 years later and is disappointed to find like everything else in Kabul it has been diminished of its former glory. Journey introduces the signs of war. The director of the Kabul orphanage tires to defend his actions — or lack thereof- on page where he explains that the Talib officer takes a child away every one or two months.

Amir used to play panjpar with Sohrab. Amir makes a reference to the Talib official Assef as John lennon because they both pursue similar appearances.

Rahim on the phone, telling me there was a way to be good again. The scene at the stadium is one of unspeakable horror.

Sohrab is haunted by his past trauma like so many other characters Hassan, Kamal, and Amir with his guiltso he is slow to open up and trust Amir. He tells Amir he was once imprisoned, and one evening a guard began kicking him until the blows dislodged a kidney stone that had been causing him severe pain.

But it is not Baba Needed to be broken in order to be healed, Assef has the same experience Hosseini, He lets him beat him because Amir feels that he deserves this and he feels relieved He struggled with his guilt and it became even worse because he was never punished for his actions Example when he was asking for punishment — when Amir hits Hassan with pomegranates Assef beats Amir, and he laughs Assef goes to jail Hosseini, Commandant takes Assef and starts to beat him and the stone passed, he felt relief in that way As the he hit him, he laughed harder — message from God Hosseini, While in the hospital recovering from his terrible injuries, Amir has a dream of wrestling a bear.

However, Amir after confronting Assef and saving Sohrab from the Talibans he is living his past again with Sohrab. Farid and Sohrab arrive, and Farid says they should leave Peshawar soon, as the Taliban have friends there. A way to be good again Amir recovers slowly but surely under the devoted care of the nurse Aisha.

The images flash quickly from one to another, and the final image is the memory of Rahim Khan saying "A way to be good again. Rahim Khan says Hassan told him a few days after the alleyway incident what happened.

Though what Amir did was wrong, he was too hard on himself.

Ch. 23 Kite Runner

Thus, Sohrab travels with Amir to Islamabad. Then Assef puts on a pair of brass knuckles. Why is this dream so important at this point in the story.

He can do what Baba always hoped he would and stand up for what is right.

What is the summary for Chapter 23 of The Kite Runner?

He asks that Amir not come looking for him, as he has little time left to live. When Amir saw this he thought about his childhood and how beautiful Kabul use to be. Chapter Twenty-two is basically the big confrontation between Amir and the man wearing the black sunglasses, and Amir is presented with the opportunity to finally right his wrongs.

Chapter 23 •The narrative starts very fragmented and disjointed as Amir Flits in and out of consciousness. This is reflected presented by the continued use of short sentences and paragraphs, the broken narrative could also show Amir’s detachment from reality.

A summary of Chapters 22–23 in Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner.

The Kite Runner Chapters 20-23: Summary, Literary Devices, Analysis

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Chapter 23 is divided into brief episodes, which indicate Amir's slipping in and out of consciousness. Initially, his sense of time is distorted, and he is continually fading in and out. Mixed in with his periods of consciousness is the dream of Baba wrestling a bear; the dream changes and Baba merges with Amir.

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The Kite Runner is a novel by Khaled Hosseini. The Kite Runner study guide contains a biography of Khaled Hosseini, quiz questions, a list of major themes, characters, and a full summary and an.

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